Commercial Fire Alarms

Fire Protection to Keep Your Property Up to Code and Up to Date

There’s nothing more important than the safety of your company employees followed by your assets, valuables, and the property itself. As we all know, the threat of a fire is a very real possibility. However thanks to 21st century technology and the experts at Mark Electronics, early detection can provide the all important life safety as well as alert local authorities in time to extinguish and eliminate the fire avoiding further damage.

It’s vital and even required that all commercial buildings and industrial facilities are up to code and meet specific regulations. Our licensed technicians as Mark Electronics are committed to make sure your property to up to date and ready and all times.

Monitoring Your Fire Alarm System 24/7

Similar to your burglary alarm system, monitoring of your Fire Alarm System is essential to the ultimate protection it provides. Systems installed by Mark Electronics communicate directly with the Central Station operators standing by 24/7 to address any emergency that may arise. The intelligent Fire Alarm System uses signals from the various components including smoke and heat detectors, pull stations, and sprinkler systems to provide important time-sensitive information to the emergency services as they arrive.

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