Smart Homes start with Smart Wi-Fi

In today’s world everything is connected to the internet. Tv’s, alarm clocks, refrigerators, even our grills and toasters. In the center of it all is our Wi-Fi, there are so many things involved when it comes to Wi-Fi. Internet and Wi-Fi are two different terms in the Tech industry. Internet is defined as the vast network that connects computers all over the world, while Wi-Fi is what connects are smart devices to that internet.


Wi-fi comes from your in-home router, that may be provided to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or can be purchased. Routers come in many shapes, sizes, and prices. Here at Mark Electronics, we use the latest and greatest in Mesh Network technology. Mesh networks use nodes that are capable of both sending and receiving information, this increases speed and coverage by using these devices, rather then the traditional single router.


There will always be limitations to speeds, and signal strength depending on the devices within the home. There are no two houses that are alike, and that goes for Wi-Fi signal through a home. For every brick wall a Wi-fi signal has to pass through it loses 1/3 of it original strength, dry wall ½ strength and glass windows ¾.


The best way to ensure a robust and efficient network is to have your system installed by professionals. Although this can sometimes be a larger investment, your Wi-Fi network is the heart of your home. With our paid maintenance plans, you can ensure your network will always be performing at its best. Maintenance plans include software and security updates, as well as waived service calls for Wi-Fi related issues.


As always whether you need service at your warehouse, store, restaurant, office or home call us at Mark Electronics to jump into the future.


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