Powerful Ways to Upgrade Your Commercial Security

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Crime is an everyday occurrence that we as business owners must be prepared to encounter. Remaining vigilant will ensure the protection of our business, employees, and property, but if you are a business owner, you are probably already managing enough projects and people. While you're busy dealing with the day-to-day tasks, automated commercial security solutions can keep an eye out for trouble. Here are several ways you can protect your company with Mark Electronics.

Lock Down Points of Entry

A low-cost security solution we recommend is investing in high-quality locks for your business. All entry points, including doors and windows, should be locked from the inside even during regular business hours when not in use. It's wise to get your employees into the habit of properly locking behind them as they work. Smart locks can be operated via an app on your smartphone, so you can always check to ensure your business is fully secured. If possible, install deadbolts on all the doors accessing the building.

Consider an Access Control System

The addition of keyless entry systems removes the hassle of giving keys to your employees and simplifies the process of tracking entry into the building during the day. With an access control system, you can change user permissions quickly. This means that new hires can gain access to your building via proximity or biometric reader, higher-ups can enter areas of the building with sensitive information, and employees who leave the company can have their permission canceled entirely. If you opt for advanced biometric access control systems, employees no longer have to keep track of keys; instead, their fingerprints or facial features can verify their identity.

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Add Surveillance Cameras

By installing CCTV surveillance cameras, you can see who is accessing your commercial property. Cameras installed on both the exterior and interior of your building will feed live video to your office and provide evidence of any crimes that occur. While the sight of a security camera may be enough to deter a criminal from targeting your company, their installation doesn't guarantee that the video image will prevent invaders from breaking and entering, help catch or identify the offender, or return stolen assets. However, as surveillance technology improves, motion sensors can detect and record activity whenever anyone enters your store, office, workshop, or warehouse, day or night. Some cameras send notifications to your cellphone to alert you of motion, so you can call the appropriate authorities as quickly as possible if there's any suspicious activity.

Prevent Blind Spots

Another great crime deterrent is bright exterior lighting. When your property is well-lit around the building and parking lot, this can help your employees feel safer in the darker hours of early mornings or late evenings. Maintain the lighting systems regularly to replace light bulbs or install additional lighting fixtures around the exterior of a building, especially near doors. Motion detectors and floodlights can prevent anyone from trying to sneak up through a dark blind spot and lower the chance of a nighttime burglary.

Secure your Networks

Security goes beyond protecting your physical property. Hackers can access networks with sensitive data via weak routers. To prevent this, you should install the most current antivirus software and run system updates frequently. If office workers need to print documents, have a shredder readily available for usage before throwing any away and keep this garbage moving consistently out of the building so it doesn't remain vulnerable to anyone wanting to learn sensitive information. Keep your employees informed on policies surrounding computer usage, electronic communication, and customer information, and protect your Wi-Fi networks with a strong and complicated password. If you want to offer customers Wi-Fi access, give them a guest network separate from your company network.

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Install a Security System

The best way to protect your business is by having a professional install an integrated security system. Whether you want to prevent vandalism during the night or theft during the day, a security system works like an extra pair of eyes watching over your company. Although it is a big investment, installing an alarm system can bring down the cost of insurance and qualify for a tax deduction on business tax returns, saving you money in the long run. We offer commercial security systems with flashing lights in case of an alarm, automated lighting scenes at time intervals, and the ability to check your camera feeds and entry access from your mobile device even when you're out of the office. Our systems utilize broadband or cellular chips, so even if there's a power outage, they're still working for you.

Leave it to the experts to make powerful security upgrades to your business, whether you have a warehouse, store, restaurant, or office. If you're debating the type of access control best for your business or want to install a full security system, give our team of professionals at Mark Electronics a call today to get started!

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