Three Ways to Upgrade Your Autumn Security

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September 22, 2021 / Security Home Security CCTV

Fall is now in full swing in Michigan, so it's in your best interest to ensure your security measures keep up with the changing season and upcoming Halloween hijinks. It may be the first time in a year that you can finally go to a bonfire night complete with s’mores, so it’s important to secure your home whenever you’re gone through a variety of monitoring solutions. Here are Mark Electronics' top three security suggestions for the fall.


No matter if you are gone for a night or a weekend, it's every homeowner's worst nightmare to return to a ransacked house. It’s important to have plenty of exterior lights and a professionally installed security system to discourage robbers from even attempting to target your home. However, “mockupancy” can take your security a step further to protect your house even when you’re gone. This method tricks passersby into believing your home is occupied as automated scenes switch on the lights, open the blinds, and even turn on your television in different rooms for a small amount of time.

A break-in might happen despite a mockupancy effort, so arming your home security is a necessity each time you leave. You can schedule alerts sent to your phone that notify when the system is armed. Furthermore, if a family member forgets to arm the system before they leave the house, your system can also send you a notice that remotely activates your system via your mobile app. We suggest setting up a daily text alert that sends at a time when most members of your family are normally out of the house, so you’ll be able to set up the system and spend the rest of the day with peace of mind.

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Geofencing Technology

After so much time socially distancing, it feels good to be back with friends and family. This fall, you may have people coming in and out of the house for backyard bonfires, cornhole tournaments, and costume parties. In the hubbub of activity, someone might forget to lock the front door. Geofencing technology is a great solution for this issue; it creates a virtual, dynamic fence that builds a perimeter around your home. You can track your family’s movement within the perimeter boundaries in real-time through mobile data or Wi-Fi, so you’ll be able to see when your family members are safely inside the house. When you integrate geofencing technology into your smart security system, you can ensure all your doors are locked by granting your phone permission to enable smart locks automatically when the last member has left the perimeter of your home.

Location tracking can serve you in multiple ways. You can check in as the kids arrive from school, find a misplaced phone within your property, and keep an eye on kids who might try to sneak out when they aren’t supposed to. No matter how big or small your property is, your geofenced area can cover an apartment unit or several acres. Once it's installed, acquaint your family with its capabilities so everyone understands how to exit and enter a secure home. When it’s integrated with the rest of your home automation system, you can set exterior lights to switch on and your garage door to open as a registered member arrives, which will help light up evenings that are growing dark at earlier times this fall.

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CCTV Cameras

Home security solutions grant homeowners more ways to check on their homes even when they aren’t there. CCTV cameras come equipped with motion sensors; when motion is detected by a person at your door, the camera will send you an alert with footage so you can chat with whoever's there through the two-way operation. Now you'll be able to thank the delivery worker, say hello to a visitor, or kindly request the Girl Scout to come back later so you can buy some cookies. The same features can also be used indoors to solve a sibling argument, check in with the babysitter, and make sure your teen doesn’t try to throw a rager when you’re gone for the weekend. Placing motion sensors around specific parts of the house can enforce boundaries with private spaces that you don’t want children or visitors entering, like the master bedroom or attic.

No matter who decides to walk in and out of your doors or how long you are out of the house, you and your family can enjoy autumn fun without having to worry about safety issues. When you’re ready to protect your assets, property, and family, give our team at Mark Electronics a call!

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